Living The Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat

Living The Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat by Kelly Dinardo 

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The Yoga Sutras, a classical text written by the guru Patanjali over two thousand years ago, is foundational to Yoga philosophy and practice. The 196 aphorisms offer a potent map for how to navigate through the challenges of life. They contain teachings on how to deal with loss, pain, dissatisfaction, and alienation; they provide guidance on how to cultivate joy and lead a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. But as important as these teachings are, they often feel too esoteric and inaccessible to modern practitioners.
Living the Sutras offers a relevant, understandable, and enjoyable entree to this yoga training for the mind and spirit. The authors introduce a sutra or group of sutras on a related theme, provide a brief commentary, and then offer writing prompts to allow you to reflect on and apply the meaning of the sutras to your life. The book is at once an introduction to the classical philosophy, a quick guide for students and teachers, and an active self-study that allows you to engage with the wisdom in a deeply personal way.