Tracy Donachie

Tracy Donachie


Contact: Tracy Donachie

Style: Nama’crazy shit yoga / Hot power / Vinyasa flow /Beginners /Hot yang

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced






Teaches at – Yoga Bomb & Carr Junior School


“I’ve practised yoga on and off since my teens, and now in my late 40s I’ve found in Tracy a teacher that’s really awakened a true love of it in me. She’s the reason I’m motivated to practice almost every day.”

“Tracy is everything that a yoga teacher should be – adaptable, calm, caring, demanding, gentle, inspiring… but best of all she’s absolutely crazy. Nama’crazy shit doesn’t really do her justice. I’ve never met anyone that has as much positive energy as she does, and who instils such self-belief in others. She’s emotionally invested in her students’ well-being – she cried with me when I fought my fear to do my first unaided headstand. She helps people achieve what they think is impossible, through constant encouragement, laughter, perseverance, patience and occasional happy tears. She’s completely genuine and a truly lovely human being. Her vitality is contagious.”

“Her classes have given me the technique to build strength and not rely on my flexibility. In one hour 1-2-1, I mastered a perfectly aligned chaturanga, after years of not doing them properly. I’m scared of being upside down, and Tracy has taught me that it’s ok to fall, physically and emotionally. She’s helped me to achieve an unaided headstand after years of fear, through gentle encouragement and minor adjustments (and a lot of falling over). She adapts postures for my hip injuries, and watches like a hawk so that I don’t over extend. We’re still working on the handstands and arm balances, but I’m no longer afraid to try…”

“I feel like I’m on a journey of acceptance with Tracy, to make yoga right for me. Tracy’s constant encouragement and positivity has helped me accept what I am capable of (and my limitations), and I come out of every class feeling positive, and that I’ve made progress. Her sports psychology background is helping me manage my perfectionist tendencies – she’s knows how to make me listen and accept that it doesn’t matter if I can’t do something.”